Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is this about??

Blog?? What is it about?? When the first time I heard of this, I was not sure about it and I think it is a waste of time doing such. Then in one of my current subject in my university, students must write a blog every 10 days as part of assessment for that subject. Oh!! Y??
At first, I really struggle with it but then as time moves on it gets easier and easier. I just need to write whatever I feel like telling people about and there I go... Now i'm actually trying to get use to writing blog and hopefully whenever i have the time to do so i'll just put up something which i think interesting which many people also interested in.

For now, i really feel like writing more and more but i have 2 papers just around the corner!! how am i going to survive?? Hopefully with few days left i can squeeze the notes into my brain and go straight into the exam hall without having trouble or what so ever.