Friday, March 28, 2008


Last year, I was the director for the 1st MUMOS Night and together with around 50 committees, we successfully organised the event. This year, it's the 2nd MUMOS Night to be organised under Multimedia University Movie Society (MUMOS) and it will be held on the 30th March which is 2 days later. This time they invited Karen Kong as their special guest and there are lots of performance that will thrill and entertain each of the audience. So I would like to take this opportunity to help them to advertise the event and hope that those that are free and yet to get tickets for the show, please do get it before it is too late... RM10 for a ticket and get 5 you will get 1 free ticket so get 6 person and u can save on it.. see u there...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sepang F1 Malaysian GP - Race Day

23rd March 2008, the race day of this year's F1 in Sepang, Malaysia. The race starts at 3pm but in order to get a parking slot and not stuck in the traffic, we decided to leave around 12noon to the circuit but somehow we still got stuck in the heavy traffic towards the circuit. This year seems to be more spectators and from the official spectators count, this year has the highest attendance compared to the last 9 years. We reached there around 2pm and because my uncles need to have a look at those official merchandise, we walked to the welcoming area and they were able to get some caps and t-shirts. I was looking for Kimi's cap which is also the one that Kimi wears during the race weekends but failed to find as only Massa's cap is left available sale. After getting all the needs, we went to our seats and immediately i went to the lowest row so that i could get a better view for photoshooting. Throughout the race, i was hoping for accidents to happen during the first corner and also for the rain to come but both didnt happen and was quite a 'boring' race. In the end, Kimi won the race followed by Kubica then Kovalainen. There were only few race incidents but all happened at other parts of the circuit rather than the corner that i was sitting.
p/s: All the photos below can be used as wallpaper for your desktop. There might be some repeated photos of previous post but this time it is sharper and its 1024*768.

DC trying to overtake Alonso from inside

Sebastien Bourdais, first timer here..

Heikki Kovalainen of Mclaren Mercedes

Jenson Button holding on to his position

Lewis Hamilton trying to overtake Mark Webber

Kovalainen attacking the corner

Kimi overtook the backmarker

Kimi on his way to win the race

Force India's Fisichella

Hamilton after the race

Battle of the 2nd generation drivers between Piquet Jr. and Nakajima

Trulli leads Hamilton as Hamilton attacks the corner

Rosberg trying to overtake Sato

This season's safety car, Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

The start of the race

Alonso in his Ranault

Both Aguris at the back of the pack

DC leading Alonso and Heidfeld

Alonso holding off the challenge by Nick and Button

Saturday, March 22, 2008

F1 Malaysian GP - Qualifying

Here are some quick updates from me on Saturday's qualifying.. Went to the circuit with my dad and we reached there just nice that the session just started. When we were on the way there, the weather seems to be getting more and more cloudy thus we thought that it might rain halfway through the session but somehow it manages to wait for 1 hour before rain starts to fall. Ferraris were able to get the front row while Mclarens booked the 2nd row and tmr will be a tight fight down til the end of the race..if rain falls before start of the race, we might have a nice race where i guess less than half of the grid finishes. Below are some pics that i took for today's qualifying, enjoy...

Nico Rosberg





Both Mclarens
Nick passed through Petronas logo
Kimi again...
Massa chasing Kimi for pole and he got it
Hekki attacking first corner
DC on the attack
DC again
Button being chased by Piquet

Friday, March 21, 2008

Some quick updates

This week as predicted has been a busy week for me..besides that, there are also some problems with my internet connection thus not much updates here.. Today is Friday and im glad that things completed as planned where i was able to finish up my FYP practical part and now move forward to complete the whole report which need to be handed up in less than a month's time... Besides that, next week there is a test awaiting me on Wednesday night and til now yet to fully prepare for it. This weekend gonna visit Sepang for the F1 race and will only be back to Melaka on Sunday evening and straight away gonna go for the Chinese Dance Competition in Pay Fong Secondary School.. So hopefully i'll able to update with some pics from those events.. c ya..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1 Week Mid Term Break

This week is my last mid term break as this is the last trimester that i'll be in this University. Usually breaks are the time where we can get to take a short while off our busy study schedule and visit our parents and friends at hometown. As for now, during this short 7 days, it will be a very very busy week for me. Today just came back from a 3 days holiday at Genting with my girl girl and also few friends. Then tomorrow onwards, i need to work hard to find some details i need to complete my FYP, then on Thursday, I need to meet my supervisor in KL to do some practical for my FYP. Then this weekend, its the Formula 1 Malaysian GP and most probably i'll be there to witness the 10 year anniversary of organising F1 in Sepang. So kinda busy week but i guess its an enjoyable one..

Thursday, March 13, 2008


2 weeks back, the internet connection at my place was so poor that all the downloads were running at a total speed of just 20kbps and the browsing speed was as slow as a turtle crawling for a distance of 1meter. Then i decided to make a complain and it has been quite sometime since the last time i did one. This time was on a Friday so i expect them to fix it on Monday since i called quite late but on Saturday morning around 9am, a technician called me and ask me to check whether any improvement on my speed, i was like, wow, they do act immediately to my complain then the problem solved but few days later the same thing happens again. Due to busy schedule so yday only i did another complain, and this time it took them few hours to settle my problem and today they called few times to check with me about the speed and stability. Personally, i found that their service is quite good or mayb im lucky?? Though they implemented those fair usage policy but at least their technical assistant is quick enough to help me solved my problems without asking me to check this and that anymore, so thumbs up for their service at the moment...haha

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i guess when u read the title, u must b wondering y i write CJ7 when this show has been off from cinema screen. HAHA..guess what, i've bought the CJ7 soft not sure how authentic this soft toy is but claimed by the selling it is original so hopefully it is but it is really nice and cute..have a look here..

see the eye so round and cute as if it is looking at u
see my CJ7 can jump...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Honda F1 Road Show

Honda Malaysia organised their Honda F1 Road Show prior to the Malaysian GP around Malaysia. So they were in Sunway Pyramid last week to showcase last year's race car, RA107, together with the race engine, merchandise and also some competition and also Honda models to attract people over. I was back hometown for the weekend for the general election so then together with my family, we went to Pyramid just to walk around and as i noe there is such roadshow so i brought my camera also to take some photos. The whole roadshow was located at the new wing of Pyramid and many people was there to witness the F1 car and also see those participant for their F1 simulation race compete against each other. Unfortunately i was late there so unable to register for the contest, so i stayed for their Q&A session and won myself a Honda Racing Keychain that worth RM14 by answering a simple question.
The earth car - Honda RA107
The rear wing with all the names there and also the rear suspension
The engine that powers the RA107
The gift that i won....
Here's the keychain

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fair Usage Policy

This is something that i guess most of u wants to know. TM Net have a new look to their website and a new policy applied to Streamyx users and this will solve all those slow BT questions of yours.

TM is committed to ensuring our customers receive the best broadband service at the most competitive price. To achieve this goal, we provide a contended broadband service. This means our Internet bandwidth (capacity) is catered to be shared by all our customers at any one point in time, to ensure we provide a satisfactory and acceptable performance on an equal basis to all our customers.
However, a small number of customers use more than their "fair share" of the Internet bandwidth provided by us. On average, about 10% of our customers are using a disproportionate amount of Internet bandwidth. These customers degrade the performance of our broadband service by taking bandwidth away from other customers, who use the service fairly.
For example, some customers use P2P or file sharing software, which constantly sends and receives videos and other types of very large files, throughout the day. These activities (download and upload continuously) use a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the connection speed, which other customers are getting to access the Internet during peak hours. We don’t believe this is fair to the vast majority of our customers.
We wish to bring to your attention our traffic prioritization policy with regards to P2P and Fair Usage Policy. We would like to reiterate that the P2P throughput is subject to peers (seed) availability and their throughput as well. Kindly note that TM does not have any control over peers’ availability or throughput.
The Fair Usage Policy automatically identifies the extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth in order to protect the service of all our other customers. This traffic prioritization policy will protect the quality of service for the majority of our customers when they use the service, while at the same time, still allowing the extremely heavy users to continue to send and receive files with certain restrictions. With this policy in place, we will prioritize Internet activities like web browsing, live streaming, messaging applications and VOIP access while traffic to P2P sites will be given lower priority, due to the high bandwidth consumption of such services.
We wish to also highlight that as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), TM only provides access to the Internet and does not guarantee content delivery and performance where it is not within the domain of TM as an ISP. In fact, our international traffic management policy is designed to cater for all our customers so they have an optimal surfing experience within the normal limits of Internet usage.
As our priority is for all our customers to have a positive Internet experience, we wish to emphasize that it is important for all our customers to practice responsible usage of the allocated bandwidth based on normal usage.
We would like to reiterate that we are not against the use of P2P but we would like to educate our customers that the usage of excessive P2P does impact the overall service availability to our other customers.
TM does provide every customer with an allocated bandwidth, where other customers may use when not used by the others. Unfortunately, the nature of P2P more often than not, takes more than their allocated bandwidth, thus causing undue setbacks for other users when they want to use the service.
As a responsible service provider, we believe it is our responsibility and commitment to educate and encourage responsible usage of the infrastructure we provide.

The above is taken from their website. So if your BT is slow which stuck around 20kbps then u noe the reason behind it, if u still get great speed, good to u..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AMD 780G Chipset

AMD/ATi announced its new chipset which support hybrid graphics technology, something which gonna make Intel scratch their head. With this motherboard, u can have ur graphic card merge with the onboard graphic chip and increase the graphics performance. This is the statement from AMD/ATi:

AMD is announcing the availability of the AMD 780G chipset, designed to deliver the ultimate mainstream computing experience. The new chipset enables leading global OEMs and system builders to design PCs that provide users with full HD and best-in-class 3D graphics performance, enhanced scalability and rock-solid stability for mainstream gaming, multimedia and commercial PCs. Gamers will appreciate the detail-rich images and dynamic interactivity when playing the latest DirectX 10 games.
Additionally, ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology is achieved by utilizing AMD’s new integrated chipset, the 780G and one of the ATI Radeon GPUs. ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology utilizes one video card plugged into the PCI-Express slot and is able to join forces with the GPU built into the motherboard chipset to scale graphics performance. This allows game play at higher resolution, higher frame rates and higher image quality in 3D games, improving the gaming experience.

Souce: AMD

There is also a video at

Really looking forward to it...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Since im not sure what to post here at this moment, i decided to show a "Ham Dan Wong" which i shot last week if im not mistaken. It was shot outside my house and the sun is really like an salted egg yolk. Enjoy.
This shot can clearly see the sun is going to set soon, its around 6pm
Close up of the sun

Monday, March 3, 2008

2 Months

Today's date is 3rd March 2008, and this morning only i realised it is 3rd of March when i need to adjust the date of my watch... y is it big deal???? coz its only 2 months more and im near final examination...oh...
In this 2 months, i need to settle my final year project together with the super thick report, finish up 2 assignments, midterm test and of course prepare for final that's lots of stuffs to get done in just 2 months time.. Then to make my mind more stressful is today's tutorial where the tutor which is also the coordinator of the subject told us that we need to work very hard to pass that subject, i was like WTF, the other subject is tough and this seems to be even worst and he even said that we need to read the text book and get other information online in order to answer the questions during finals and besides that, perviously we are used to aim on chapters and drop those difficult ones but this time i dun think so we can do it as he claimed that each questions might come from several so i guess from now on neeeeeeed to fullllllly utilise the 2 months else its the end ..haha