Friday, December 28, 2007


Its been 4 days since my last update as this few nights were so busy. This evening, together with my family, we went to Sunway for dinner at a restaurant that serve buffet steamboat. Its quite famous here so i guess many of u noe which one. What i wanna touch is not bout the food that are being served but the attitude of those ppl eating there.

Besides those dishes that u can put inside ur steamboat pot, there are also some other dishes which u can eat straight away like fried rice, fried noodles, fruits, 'kuih' and so on. Then this restaurant is famous for their chicken wings. So its kinda like HOT item there. When we reached that time, the previous serve has been all taken up so we gotta wait til the waiter serve the chicken wings again to get a hand to try it. While we were waiting, we took those prawns, vege and blah blah then i saw few ppl waiting around the table there so i guessed they surely waiting for the chicken wing. Then few minutes later, once the chicken wings are served at the serving table, few more rushed there and so do i. Guess what happen.....

A guy took two big plates, then using one to collect, the other plate he use it to sweep the chicken wing into another plate....he took more than half of the chicken wings that are being served and guess how many i got???? just 2 pcs.. which consider a bonus..haha... Less than 1/2 a minute the dish is being served its been cleaned up.

Then about half an hour later, the waiter serve another round again, this time many rush there again and so did my parents as i was busy with other stuffs. This time they are lucky to get few back better than what i got... Then another 30 mins later this dish is served again and around 30 sec the chicken wings have been taken up..

From this we can see that human are really so selfish that they took so much without thinking whether other ppl need to eat it. Esp the guy that used 2 plates to take, i think its a shame to do so. Everytime the waiter serve it, its really funny to see those ppl rush there just to get one or two chicken wings and for about 30 sec, the whole dish is clean...

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Weekend Before Christmas

Today is the day before x'mas and its 15 minutes before 9am so i decided to take this 15minutes before i leave the house for work to update my blog. Yday which is the last Sunday before the Christmas, together with my mom and sis, we went to pyramid just because i have a RM10 voucher from parkson and needs to use it by 23rd Dec so we decided to use it a Parkson Pyramid.
Because of some housework, we left home quite late and i guess all shld noe that when the time is after 12noon, its really hard to get a car park in Pyramid, 1U and Mid Valley. We knew that but as we need to settle all the housework before going, we actually left the home around 12 plus and we yet to have our lunch. So when we reached there, its around 1.20PM (stated at the ticket). Then we were having trouble looking for a space so do those cars in front of us. After circling the whole area for about 10 minutes, we were so lucky that there is a car park, yeah!!
So u can see that it is flooded with people inside the shopping complex. I think most of them came to do last minute shopping before the christmas and also getting some other stuffs as there are sales now until 1st Jan 08. So basically, going shopping with my mom and sis is kinda boring stuff for me as they only look for their things which im not interested in. Therefore, after following awhile, we went seperated ways and i looked for the stuffs that i wanted to look at.
Before talking about some of stuffs that i had checked out yday, the first thing to talk about shld b the deco of the mall for x'mas. At the new wing, in the center court (i think that's what it is called), they actually deco it with those snow house where they selling lots of things inside. Many ppl went over and get stuffs there and also took pictures as it really nice but i think there are other shopping complexes that have better deco. Then there is a mini railway where children can take a ride on the mini train there. Around the area, all the pillars are decorated to provide the x'mas feel. As for old wing, there was an event organised by dunno who conjunction with x'mas so basically a small and simple deco which also related to the celebration. But then eventhough with those deco, i also hardly feel the x'mas celebration is just around the corner mayb due to the fact that the weather is too freaking hot yday.
Then as i moved on, i've checked out Al-ikhsan and saw a new Man Utd t-shirt which is quite nice so does the price and there isnt any discount for it and it cost RM85 as usual for those club t-shirt. To me RM85 getting a t-shirt isnt really worth it and it is made in malaysia which compared to those Nike manufactured in foreign country the quality is abit poor. Eventhough the artwork and design its really nice and i like it very much but due to the price, i decided not to take it and wait til the price goes down. Then the next thing i went to check out was camera as im looking to get a DSLR. Went to check out few camera shops around in Pyramid, the cheapest quotation i could get was from Fotokem but still im looking for several options so might survey some other shops and do some comparison.
It's now 9am and i gotta leave lo..there are some pics i took using my h/p cam regarding the deco at the center court.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a Morning...

18th December 2007, Tuesday.. This is the day where epsilon engineering students need to register their course for next trimester. Since i need to come in office at 9am and the registration time starts at 9am so i asked my colleague to pick me earlier so we could reach the office earlier.

As promised, he reached my place quite early which is bout 10mins earlier than usual so i thought sure we will reach early. Then, just as we joined the KESAS highway, oh my, the traffic was so heavy that cars hardly moving. Guess what, those highway maintenance team didnt open the side word to divert those vehicles going to KL, Subang. Therefore, all the vehicles gotta stuck there for about 15 minutes. So my planned seems to be ruined. So immediately i inform my darling bout the situation and she can prepare herself to help me do my registration.

So as predicted, i reached office 5 minutes past 9am where the registration has started. So for those of you who do not know, we, MMU students like to rush to register our subjects with the timetable which suites our own time such as avoiding early morning classes, no friday classes and so on. That's y our registration is so jammed up.

Though im late, but my darling still having trouble login to the system and i tried it too. Even though able to open the login page sure enough it will not able to proceed more than that point. So then we keep on trying and surprisingly where i cant get myself login to the system, my darling helped me registered both of the subjects for next alot to my darling..then we also need to help a housemate to register and this time she also able to login and registered both the, melaka line better huh..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lecturer's Visit

It's been few days back since i last update here, so since im abit free at the moment, i do a quick drop-by here to update. This late morning, the lecture in charge came over to make a visit for the Industrial Training Program. He is a lecturer from FOE in Cyberjaya. Since he is a foreign lecturer and doesnt really know where the company im attached is located, he called over and ask for directions then he stopped in Sri Hartamas rather than Desa Sri Hartamas as its quite confusing here.

Then my supervisor took me to the place where he stopped and guided him to our office. He made a half an hour visit here interviewing the person in-charge in this company regarding trainees' performance throughout the 8 weeks. Then after he is done interviewing him, its time that he interview the trainees. Im the first to go in so he asked about the things that i've been doing all these while then how is it going on. The interview is more like a feedback that he needs from us regarding the company whether is it suitable for students to be sent over for their internship.

So after he is done with all the questions, then he proceed with another trainee which i think also the same sets of questions. Basically its kinda rush visit as he just get those verbal answers and didnt check on the things that we did previously. After he is done with the interview, he left for another stop which is in Sri Hartamas, the place where i met him to guide him over here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

After visiting kimfei's blog where he did this 'test' so i tried it out and below are my results:

You Are Prancer

You are the perfect reindeer, with perfect hooves and perfect flying form.

Why You're Naughty: Because you're Santa's pet, and you won't let anyone show you up.

Why You're Nice: You have the softest fur and the sweetest carrot breath.
Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

Erm, im not sure what is the criteria they put into consideration to get the above results so i hope this is me..haha..anyway too busy to update so this is just a short update for the time being!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My CaPs CoLLeCTioN: BMW Sauber Robert Kubica Cap

The second cap that i would like to share in my collection is the BMW Sauber F1 Team cap. Or in more accurate, their driver Robert Kubica's cap. This cap is for the year 2007 which the design of the cap is abit different from previous year. I got this during the F1 Malaysian GP round in Sepang. I felt that the design is great as at the front u'll have the BMW Sauber F1 Team word and also the BMW logo. Then there is a red n white stripe which makes it looks more attractive. Then at the peak of the cap, its the signature of Kubica embroided on it. Then at the left and right sides are the sponsors' badge. Then at the back of the is the initial of Kubica and also another team sponsor's logo which is Credit Suisse.
I like this cap alot as its quite comfortable to wear and its not too deep nor shallow. Besides that, its quite proud having this cap as this year they did quite well in the championship and finished as the 3rd team or should say the 2nd team after Mclaren has been DQ. As for the price of this cap, erm..its quite expensive, at RM 140 but this is quite a standard price for F1 merchandise.

Friday, November 30, 2007

SoMe UpDaTeS aFtEr..r..r..r sO.o.o.o...o LoNg

This week has been a very busy week for me as i need to settle the project(the web designing) within this week and back at home, lots of housework to help out so no time for me to update my blog. Since kimfei tagged me so i just browsed through his blog and got the tag. Here i go.....

1. Two names I go by : Lim and Jiun Kei
2. Two things I am wearing right now : Shorts and underwear
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship : Love and Care
4. Two things I like to do : Sports and Watch Drama
5. Two things I want very badly in these moment : Enough rest and more rest
6. Two things I did last night : Watched top gear and sleep
7. Two things I ate today : Pan Mee with tomyam and Fish
8. Two persons I last spoke to : My darling and my parents
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow : Housework and help my darling with her task
10. Two favorite days of the week : Friday and Saturday
11. Two favorite holidays : Chinese New Year and term break
12. Two favorite beverages : Milo and Teh Tarik
13. Two things about me that you may not have known : I broke my leg in a football match during secondary school and im exactly 10 year younger than Tiger Woods
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life : Working part time in a bookshop and working in pc fair
15. Two movies I would watch over and over : Transformer and Armageddon
16. Two places I have lived : Melaka and Shah Alam
17. Two of my favorite food : Home cooked food and spaghetti
18. Two places I would rather be right now : With my darling in Melaka and with her travel around the world

The second is an easy one.It is just a simple question and I am sure everybody will like to do it.Here is the question.

What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas,if you had unlimited income?
1. A luxurious Mansion
3. State-of-the-Art Home Teater
4. A Ferrari 599
5. Things that I dun have

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My ITP Progress

After done with designing webpage using JSP, yesterday was assigned new project which to develop webpage using PHP, another type of language for web development. So gotta hold my current projects which is to retrieve XML file and display it in JSP.

This PHP thing need to be done in a week using one of its framework called Symfony. So for today, i need to install and go through a tutorial on using Symfony for the development. At time of writing this blog, i am waiting for my XAMPP to be downloaded as the one in my comp is abit faulty here and there and the version is kinda old. So once i've downloaded it then i need to install and follow through all the steps given in a webpage designed for symfony installation.

So hopefully i can get it to work and settle it by end of the week. Im sure this time will be better than previous during the usage of Tomcat as my colleagues here were using PHP all this while so at least they are able to give guidance to me when i reach a dead end road.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My CaPs CoLLeCtiOn: Wilson 'Clash of Times' Cap

As in my previous post, i will start to show my cap collection one-by-one. So for the first one, i would go for my latest 'capture', the Wilson Cap i got during the tennis match last thursday. This cap is made specially for that event which is The Clash of Times, which is a tennis match between Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.

This cap comes in 2 colours, either blue or white. Since i have a few blue caps and none of white so i decided to get the white one. Many people who went for the match got this cap as it is the cheapest 'souvenir' u can get from there.

The front of the cap

The side of the cap with the word "Sampras vs Federer"

From the front, the word "Clash of Times" is embroided to the front panel while on the peak there is an embroidery of the brand Wilson and the word official ball where they are the official ball supplier to this match. Then at the side embrided with the name of Sampras vs Federer which makes it memorable. Inside of the cap is the Wilson logo together with some details for user. Unlike older type, this time the logo and details is iron on it rather than a tag sew on it. On the top of the cap there is some ventilation hole so that it won't be too hot when wearing it under the hot sun and u doing ur exercise or game.

Inside of the cap with the 'tag'

This cap is made of material which is sun protective and also thin which is cooling. It has been treated with UV cutting agents from Ciba Specialty Chemicals to increase the cap's ability to minimise harmful UV radiation. So this is quite good for outdoor activities so our skin is being protected from UV radiation. Basically, this cap is quite nice to wear as its not too deep and just nice and the material is soft. Its suitable for those who have a thinner face shape as the peak is quite curve so for those have wider face shape, it looks that the cap is too small. So overall the cap is a good capture and its worth the money i think which cost RM 39. The design is simple yet beautiful and it is suitable for male and female.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Clash of the Times (Federer vs Sampras)

Giant posters of 4 players that came to Malaysia for exhibition match

After waited for months, yesterday was the day where Federer versus Sampras match was played in Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam. As it is in Thursday, i need to leave early from office as i afraid that it might be heavy traffic there. So i left office at 5.30pm and i reached there at 6.00pm and not many people was there. So outside the stadium there is some stalls promote their products such as Mercedes Benz, Wilson and so on. I passed by the Wilson booth and saw them selling some gears as souvenir for this match such as t-shirt, caps and so on. So due to budget constraint i can only get a cap and the picture of the cap i will post it later together with my cap collection.

Federer signs autograph for his fans after the practice session

Federer returns a backhand to Pete

Federer during practice session

Sampras practices his shot

Cultural dance before the start of the match

All rise during the national anthem

Jaclyn Victor performing in front of the crowd

So after getting the cap, nothing much there so decided to went in to the stadium. At that time, both Pete & Federer was practicing on the court and just few spectators went in. I took that time to take some pictures of them. So after they finished, when they leaving the court, many of their fans which is sitting at the corporate box approached them and get their autograph and also photo with them. How i wish i can get FedEx to sign on my cap.

So i returned to my seat which is located high above to take a rest. Then slowly, more and more spectators filled the stadium. By 7.30pm, it is about 80% full. Then at 8pm sharp, the night 'started'. The match is actually shown live to 60+ countries around the globe. Before start of the match, there were some dance, performance by 1st Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor and also drum performance. Then both players came on the court and they received a very warm reception from all their fans. We all stand for national anthem of Malaysia, US and Switzerland. Then the MC interviewed both of them before they start a 7 minutes practice session. Prior to start of the practice, they shot 10 balls to the spectators and too bad i cant get it. Then after that the match starts.

Sampras looking on the line where the ball dropped

Federer smashes the ball

Federer prepares to receive the serve

I was sitting exactly middle of the court which i can directly see the umpire. Sampras started the match first and throughout the match his serve was very consistent and powerful which giving Federer quite some problems to return the serve. The whole match barely any break points only once where Federer has a double break points but failed to convert it. So basically, who served won that point. There were some line call on Pete and there is once he argued with the lines man where he pointed to the line where the ball landed.

Federer taking a time off to have a drink

Pete was interviewed after the match

Basically the whole match was quite entertaining and in the end Federer won 7-6, 7-6. Federer was tricked quite several times by Pete and it seems that Pete is still quite competitive though he has been out from competitive game for 5 years. Then after the match, its the trophy presentation and our country ruler presented the trophy to Federer.

FedEx with the trophy

Both leaving the court after the match

Then there is a lucky draw where 3 lucky person able to meet both of them for a autograph and photo session. Only those who purchase the program book entitled to be drawn. So after that, i just left that place for home.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prior to Clash of Times

Tmr or 22/11/2007 (thu) will be the showdown between "The King of Swing", Pete Sampras against the current world no.1, "FedEx", Roger Federer in Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Yesterday it was Rafael Nadal against Richard Gasquet and it was shown live on NTV7 and also Astro Super Sports. It was quite a nice game where Nadal played well and really commit alot to the game. In the end he won the match with 2-1. Let's come back to the Clash of Times. Before playing in Malaysia, both Sampras and Federer played in South Korea yesterday and it was FedEx who won the match in straight sets. So we hope that in Malaysia it will be a tighter match. Then after Malaysia, they will then have an exhibition match in Macau. So let's see the two famous tennis player of their generation.

Roger Federer
Born : 08/08/1981, Basel, Switzerland
Plays : Right handed, single handed back-hand
Career Records:
Win/Lost : 551/134
Titles : 53
Highest Rank : 1st (2/02/04)
Grand Slam : Australian Open (04,06,07)
Wimbledon (03,04,05,06,07)
US Open (04,05,06,07)

Pete Sampras
Born : 12/08/1971, Washington, US
Plays : Right Handed, Single handed back-hand
Career Records :
Win/Lost : 762/222
Titles : 64
Highest Rank : 1st (12/04/93)
Grand Slam : Australian Open (94,97)
Wimbledon (93,94,95,97,98,99,00)
US Open (90,93,95,96,02)

To those fans who didn't get their tickets, u can watch it live on tv either on NTV 7 or Astro Super Sports. Stay tuned for more news and updates for this match.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yip's Kitchen

Bcoz of hectic schedule during weekdays, after a week only i able to post this. Last weekend, together with my darling, we went to Sunway Pyramid to get some comics as she is the member of a comic shop there where she gets discount for purchasing from them. Then during lunch time we were undecided what to eat so we walked around to look for any restaurant which interest us. Then we saw this chinese restaurant named Yip's Kitchen and since we haven't try it out before we went in and try on the food.
Yip's Kitchen, the small wordings is actually "Noodle Specialist". Picture isn't clear as it is taken using my fone's cam.
This restaurant is a Non-Halal restaurant as they serve pork. Looking through the menu, its more like those Wan Tan noodle stall but its more high class. They stated that they are noodle specialist so after flipping throught the menu few times, i decided to order the Pork Rib Noodle (排骨云吞面) if im not mistaken of the name. Then my darling ordered Curry Chicken Rice. The price isn't cheap for these type of food served.
On the left is the Curry Chicken Rice while the on the right is the Pork Rib Noodle that i ordered.

When it arrives, it seems good so we quickly tasted it. All i could say that its quite normal and nothing extraordinary. The noodle is just the same i could say but for the pork rib, i think its quite tasty but the meat is on the little side. As for the curry chicken, my darling said its just normal only. As i said the price isn't cheap and i cant remember exactly how much does it cost and all i could say is that it isnt really worth it unless u wanna have a try or else i would say there should be other better choice to dine-in.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Past Few Weeks

Its alredi few weeks i've done my ITP and for the past few weeks its quite busy as i was asked to design a user interface using JSP and this week we are able to upload it into the server which is using Debian Linux.

As i do not have any strong knowledge in programming therefore it seems to be quite difficult to get hold of it and most of the things i need my supervisor help to settle it then some get it online and just copy paste it...but as i get to 'touch' it more then more i know about it but really just some basic stuff. Besides the JSP thing, the other thing would be getting it to run together with MySQL. It took me quite long to get it working but once it works, Viola!! then will b just programming only.

So after i've done the design and everything, its time to put it up to the server so that my colleagues can use it. It wasted me and my supervisor a week but still failed to get it work eventhough we did exactly the same settings as stated online until the senior software engineer in the company able to found out actually what happened. Because in their server they run apache and also tomcat together and there are quite alot of settings to be done but most importantly is to allow 'permission' to run the file which is actually located at the policy folder. This thing was not found when we do our research on setting up apache tomcat and luckily he found it and then everything works wonderfully.

So now, my first project is completed and waiting for the next task...for the mean time, gotta work on the 'long term' project which is to look for contacts for that company as they wanna expand their business internationally. So to my friends who wanna use bulk SMS system can just let me know and subscribe to our system.

Monday, November 12, 2007

To Man Utd Fans

To all man utd fans...wanna share a link for you can download man utd match highlights, some special video clips and also watch man utd match online..just drop by at this page
you will definitely love it as the video quality are high and using those streaming programs i intro few post back, you can watch man utd match on ur comp. All these thanks to my buddy Wee Li for his findings..haha..

Friday, November 9, 2007

Something Funny

Few days back where i follow my colleagues for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. So while i was browsing the menu, i found out something funny printed on their menu. Let's see whether you guys able to see it..
So any idea?? not sure its a mistake or they are really poor at spelling..haha..but what i thought is that, they should really change it rather than putting there for so long..

Thursday, November 8, 2007


As I started ITP, the thing that im looking forward to each time is to have a break. So today where its a public holiday, its so nice that i can have a day break though on friday work resumes. Due to the fact that it is a day break and we cant really travel far for vacation, my mom decided to visit the new Jusco in Sunway Pyramid as she needs to get something for her office. I've been there once so this is the 2nd time in less than a week and sadly i didnt take any nice photo of the new wing in Pyramid but all i can say is that they upgraded it and i believe the old wing they also upgrade it later. What i wanna share its the meal i had for lunch with my mom...
As we are undecided what to eat and we were not very hungry, we decided to have some waffles at the Waffle World which is located at the lower ground floor. I've never had anything at that restaurant before but my mom did so at least she knows what to order. So as i browse through the menu, there are not just waffles but also some main course which cost around 20 bucks and im sure im not getting those as i dun think i can finish it. So after few minutes we decided to order Hawaiian Chicken Ham Sandwich, Walnut Belgian Waffle and a cup of Hot Choc.
(L-R): The hot choc, The Hawaiian Chicken Ham Sandwich, Walnut Belgian Waffle
The Hawaiian Chicken Ham Sandwich is really nice as there are chicken ham, sliced tomato, cheese, lettuce and thousand island sauce and its sandwich with waffle rather than bread as we were in WAFFLE WORLD!!! Its quite full having that and i had a taste at the Walnut Waffle that my mom ordered and the waffle its quite crispy and with the ice-cream, it tastes good. As for the Hot Choc, its like normal but i believed that they did blended it and that makes some different. The sandwich cost RM6.90, Walnut waffle RM6 and the hot choc at RM 5 and they charged 10% for service and 5% for gov. tax. So if you would like to change a place for tea, you should have a try here..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Online Streaming Program

I think most of u have heard of this and im sure that many using it to watch your favourite show whether its live or normal broadcast show. I wrote about this as i think many still don't noe about it and dunno which to use. Personally i've been using all these programs for few years to watch my favourite football match and also some cartoons. Below are some of the programs that i used and i think you might also like it. For your information, ur connection must have at least 512kbps and above in order to stream it and get constant connection.

1. Sopcast (this is the one i use the most as it has quite a variety and easy to get connected).

this program is in english so easy for all and you can download it at their website.

2. PPMate

this program basically is in chinese but can be changed to english interface. Used to be very good but dunno y lately quite hard to get connected to peers. Software can be downloaded at their website. The list of show available are not just from PPMate but also others such as PPStream and PPLive. If you wanna watch tom and jerry and shinchan, this is the one u are looking for.

3. TVU Player
This is another online tv streaming program which have better interface. They do not have variety of show for you but the quality of the show is better. Is another alternative to the above. U can download it at their website or u can also view it there. Channel guide is also available there.

Besides the above there are quite numbers of them but they are not that good and less variety therefore it is not added here. If any of you found any nice program or website for streaming, pls leave a comment thanks!!! hope u all enjoy it!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta

To all my friends, Yahoo! has released an upgrade to the current Y!M 8..its still in beta stage but u can try it out as there are improvements on the UI where u can apply different skins to your liking. Besides that, it will auto show ur custom status after u are being disconnected and connected back. You can also use Flickr to swap photos (and always keep all your friends in the picture). For more info, u can go over to their website or can just download it here.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Official Bloopers! Video

The official MU Bloopers! Video..WOW

I believe if u have read my blog, u will know that i support Manchester United. Few days back, when i was shopping in Tesco, i found a VCD entitled The Official Bloopers! Video of Manchester United. It really caught my attention and since its quite cheap so i bought it at the price of RM8.90 only. Though it has the ORI sticker pasted on it, i doubt that MU get any money from the sales. Its like the pirated ori from local company coz if its from MU shop, u wont get it that cheap, anyway the real ori one im not sure whether we can get it here in m'sia.

The back of the case

Prior to writing this blog, i've just watched around a quarter of the whole video and i believe that this vcd has been released quite sometime coz the matches that they put in are quite a season back. There are some really funny mistakes done by those players from MU and also against MU. Even 'The Great Dane', Peter Schmeichel also did quite some goalie mistakes, haha.. Besides that, they also put in some hilarious own goals, tackles, miskicks and so on. Therefore, its really a video to watch for your personal entertainment.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

5 Things About Me

Received a tag from aleng so here i go....

5 things found in my room:~
since now at home town which is in Shah Alam so i just write this...
1. A single bed with bed-sheet on it, haha
2. A chest drawer
3. A nice wardrobe
4. Posters here and there
5. A mirror hanging on the wall

5 things i've always wanted to do:~
1. To be with the love of my life
2. Travel around the world without any worries
3. Rest,, sleep
4. Eat the best food in the world
5. Watch movie for the whole day

5 things found in my bag:~
1. My file
2. Log book
3. Calculator
4. Pencil case
5. Water bottle

5 things found in my wallet:~
1. Money (this is why we bring wallet/purse with us rite?)
2. My identification card
3. My student card (to get special rates, hehe)
4. Driving license
5. ATM card

5 things that i'm currently into:~
1. Training at Micro Ocean Technologies for 5 days/week for 12 weeks
2. Download series (eng and cantonese)
3. Learning JSP to create a web
4. Play games
5. Blogging

5 person that i want to tag:~
1. Kim Fei
2. Kah Chai
3. Anyone?? cant think of it..argh!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


By looking at this title, there might be all kinds of answers coming through ur mind.. U might think that it is a tool to cut things, what u SAW that day and so on. For movie lovers especially horror film lovers, this might be a nice and wonderful movie. The forth sequel to this movie has been released on 26th Oct 2007 and all this while, SAW series received wonderful review from movie goers.

SAW logo
The main plot of this film series revolves around the Jigsaw Killer, a dying vigilante who kidnaps victims and places them in deadly traps to test them and see if they are deserving of the life they have abused. The victims, almost always taken because they have taken their lives for granted (lying, conning, drug-dealing, etc.), are usually linked to each other in one way or another. The films tend to conclude with a twist-ending that wraps things up, but also creates more questions to be answered in the following film.
SAW movie poster from left: SAW, SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV
To those who love movies, this is a much watch movie as the story is really good and also how it develop. The writer really 'crazy' to think all those kinds of traps to test the victims. After watching the show, u wont take ur life for granted and i believe u will start to love yourself more. Though its a horror movie but the lesson that lies behind really is a good lesson and FYI, the SAW series is actually created by James Wan and Leigh Whannel where James Wan was born in Kuching, Malaysia but has been staying in Australia since he was a kid. He also directed Dead Silence and Death Sentence. So to my friends who yet to watch this show, find a chance and watch it and i believe u will love it.
p/s: all photo courtesy of wikipedia

Latest Update on Next Season's MotoGP line up

As this season's MotoGP comes to end where Stoner has alredi took his championship quite sometime ago and Ducati won the constructor's therefore, nothing much to follow but the last race would see whether Stoner can win his 11th race win of the season and make him on the records rank 2nd most win in a season tie with Rossi. The record is being hold by Mick Doohan as he won 12 races in a season which is really impressive.

Therefore, we now look forward to next year and of course the things that can be confirmed so soon is the line-up for next year and we could see some interesting line-up. Til this thursday, several teams have confirmed their line-up and below are the riders line-up with the no. inside the bracket indicates the no. of wins in 500cc/MotoGP. Of the existing field, only Team Roberts is still to announce its 2008 plans. Three riders will graduate from 250cc to MotoGP next year, and one from WSBK, while those either leaving the class or yet to confirm their future plans are: Alex Barros, Carlos Checa, Makoto Tamada, plus Kenny and Kurtis Roberts.

Ducati Malboro:
- Casey Stoner (10)
- Marco Melandri (5)

Fiat Yamaha:
- Valentino Rossi (62)
- Jorge Lorenzo (Rookie)

Repsol Honda:
- Nicky Hayden (3)
- Dani Pedrosa (3)

Rizla Suzuki:
- Loris Capirossi (9)
- Chris Vermeulen (1)

Kawasaki Racing:
- Anthony West (0)
- John Hopkins (0)

Yamaha Tech3:
- Colin Edwards (0)
- James Toseland (Rookie)

Honda Gresini:
- Shinya Nakano (0)
- Alex de Angelis (Rookie)

Pramac d'Antin:
- Toni Elias (1)
- Sylvain Guintoli (0)

Honda LCR:
- Randy de Puniet (0)

JiR/Team Scot:
- Andrea Dovizioso (Rookie)

(Yet to confirm)
Team Roberts:
- Kurtis Roberts (0)
- Kenny Roberts (8)
courtesy of

So Ducati Malboro seems to be strong as they have Stoner and Marco as their rider while we would like to see Yamaha improves and provide a bike for Rossi and Current 250cc world champion Lorenzo to fight for the title. Repsol could also be fighting for the title esp for Dani as this year he shows that he can be very quick if not due to the tyres and also the bike.

Friday, October 26, 2007

1st Week Ended

Today, Friday which means that i've finished a week of my industrial training and there will be another 11 weeks more to go...... Last weekend i still thought that i might have trouble adapting myself to the company but after few days there, things got along very well and i get to know my colleagues better and we always talk about topics which is not just related bout the things i needed to do but also some other topics like football, computer and etc which really makes me feel good.

After this first week has ended, to me it seems to be abit busy as the task assigned to me needs to be settled in a short period of time. At the mean time the thing that makes me headache would be learning how to write codes using JSP (JavaServer Pages). I need to develop a user interface using that and besides that, i need to make it to load some database from a server and vice versa. Its quite a task as i do not have very strong programming background and the worst part is that the very last time i did my programming would be few years back so its a bit tough but at least one thing, i get to learn new things. Til now i have 2 more weeks for me to settle it and i hope that it can be done asap and much before the date line.

After that, my long term task would be to get contacts for the company for their network expansion. We need to get total of 5000 contacts by end of the year and after first week, we found about 500 contacts which i think is quite ok the result but as we go on, the least number of contacts that we will be able to get so hopefully we able to reach the target and most importantly i can find the suitable contacts for them.

Tmr and day after which is sat and sun would be a short break for me to charge myself and prepare myself for next week's task. Besides recharging myself, it is also a time for me to spend some precious time with my gf as we hardly seen each other for the past week as i was off to office around 8 in the morning and reach home just in time for dinner.

I found that, when we are at work, we will need to readjust our life as during the weekdays, we do not have much time for most of the things and luckily i do not need to work on sat so i can have more time compared to my frens which they need to work 5 1/2 days. That's y those that has graduated always advise us to enjoy the time when we are still studying as that's the best time we can have and at the mean time i think im totally agree with that.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here Comes The Best Part

1st day: Run through the bulk sms system and provide feedback
2nd day: Hand in report of the feedback and continue with assigned project which is to search for contacts
3rd day: Started with searching contacts then here comes the best part......

Had a meeting with supervisor today and went through the feedback that i sent in the previous day. After discussing the solution to the problems faced, we proceed to the discussion of next assignment which is to design a user interface (UI) for one of the system that we are using. The best part is that i need to learn new programming language which is JSP which stands for Java Server Pages. I was given a 2 weeks time line to learn and design it. It's kinda nice to learn new stuff and hope that i can get it work out and make one hell of a good UI here..haha..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Day

Yesterday was the first day of my Industrial Training at Desa Sri Hartamas in a company named Micro Ocean Technologies Sdn Bhd. About a week ago, I did came over and look for the company so at least i know where is it located. So yesterday, as i would have expect, surely the traffic would be very heavy so decided to leave the house around 7am though my reporting time is 9am. So without any surprise, it took me about 2 hours to reach the office as i avoid passing tol and took those heavy traffic roads. So i reached around 8.45am which is almost 2hours after i left my place. With such time, i can reach Melaka already!!!! Besides the jam, the worst part would be my left leg where i need to step on the clutch and its so stressful and tiring.

When i arrived there, it seems that i'm the first to reach, yeah!! After waited for about 10 minutes, the workers arrived at the office and i went it but not sure of what i need to do so just sit at my desk which has been assigned to me with a computer for my usage. Later when the person-in-charge arrived, he briefed me and the other trainee about their company and then assigned us each to our own supervisor. Then after that i start with the task that has been assigned by the supervisor.

So you might have thought that what happened this morning is the worst thing to happen but you are wrong, the worst part would be return home after work. I left the office around 6.15pm where my working hours for each day is from 9am til 6pm. Then the worst thing starts to happen. The traffic was so heavy from the NKVE highway all the way until Kelana Jaya's Giant. Wow!!! If you know the road there, you can understand how far is that and how terrible could have been. It's so stressful to drive under such conditions and it made it even worst for me as i was so tired and headache due to less sleeping hours the night before. How lucky i was thinking for those of my friends who only need to travel a short distance from the place they staying to the office.

Guess what, it took me 2 hours to reach home and the whole day its like spending 4 hours just for travelling, oh my god!!!!! Luckily, from 2nd day onwards, i can just car pool with another college which stays just near to my place, so nice rite??? and the best part is that he takes the highway and i do not need to wake up so early anymore, yeah!!! Guess how long for me to reach the office this morning?? only 35 minutes!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

MotoGP - Race Day (21/10/07)

Its the race day!! 21st of October 2007, 3pm, MotoGP race begins....

Its been a hectic day for me today so not much to say but wanna show some pics that i took during today's race and hope you all enjoy it.

Rossi leaving garage

Rossi at the grid before race starts

Rossi at grid adjusting his helmet

Rossi doing his warm up lap

Pedrosa chasing Stoner

Dani just behind Stoner during the early stages of the race

Elias being chased by The Kentucky Kid

Suzuki riders battling out