Friday, February 29, 2008

CNYE Recreational Night

Even though for students of MMU, our CNY holidays have been short lived, but every year the Chinese Language Society will organise a CNY celebration event in conjunction with CNY in campus so that students get to experience the whole CNY environment. This year the celebration is done after our short break and lasted until 22 Feb. During the whole event, there was a Exhibition Corridor, Mini Carnival and last but not least the Recreational Night.
The Recreational Night was on the 22 Feb 08 in Main Hall and together with my gf and few friends, we bought tickets to the show. Thanks to aleng, we all get to sit in front and have our seats booked so that we do not need to worry about having seatings problems. So together i bought my camera to try some luck and also to improve my skills on photo shooting. So below are the photos i took the whole night.
Opening Ceremony where they had a Yee Sang toss

Northern Lion Dance as part of the welcoming act
Chinese YoYo performances and they really improved alot as we get to see them perform each year since 2003
My housemate got lucky in a lucky draw and won himself a hamper and the person interviewing him is the special guest MC of the night
24 Seasons drum performance by of University's students
Chinese Cultural Dance also performed by our MMU students
Lion Dance performance which is decent but there are many better ones out there but of course which cost more to invite them to perform

Break Dance which incorporate into the small play done by the organising committee

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something to Introduce

Today after lunch i accompanied my gf for a hair cut near the place we stay. Before that, it was a saloon but im not sure of the name then 2 trimester ago changed to a new saloon and we yet to try as many times i went there they are not open yet so this time my gf is able to try it. The shop name is called Zero Degree, quite 'in' rite the name...
When we enter the saloon, its nothing different than those saloon in melaka just something like classic cut. So we have a thought that the price gonna be around RM15-RM20 for a female hair cut but since we are alredi there, so giv a try.
So after she had her hair cut, then when we gonna pay that time, the hair dresser told us that it cost only RM8, wow that's really cheap. My gf was kinda surprised with the price, so did i. So i think next time which is few weeks time, im gonna try have my hair cut there.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Photo Competition

Been busy lately looking into my archieve for those photos i took...coz wanna try some luck in a competition organised by Digital Camera Magazine. Due date is on 29th Feb so just few days away. To my frens, if u have nice photos and wanna try some luck, u can logon to and register urself, then look for SanDisk/DCM Online Photo Contest 2008

All u need to fulfill is 1 of the 3 requirements set which is:
1. Action
2. Motion Blur
3. Selective Focus

If you photos fulfill either one then u can just post it there but before that, check out the R&R!!!
Good Luck!! next update would be on CNYE Recreational Night, stay tuned

Friday, February 22, 2008


RAM or also called Random Access Memory is a type of computer data storage . It is very common to all computer users as they need it in their CPU in order to run it and in today's market, most computers have at least 1GB of RAM installed in order to have applications run smoothly.

Lately was having trouble with my RAM (I guess), therefore, have some taken out so took sometime and shot it using my cam. Here i wanna show the difference between single sided and double sided RAM. Actually there isn't any difference just that some motherboard might not able to support double sided while some they cant mix it around so that depends on the model of the motherboard.

The RAMs i have here is a Kingston 512MB PC3200 DDR and Apacer 256MB PC3200. Then you can clearly see that the top one has memory module while the bottom one does not so this is to show the difference between single sided and double sided. Double sided have memory modules on both sides of the RAM.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Few more months and I'll be graduating and soon i'll b stepping into the working world. So it is almost time for me to look into the options i have. I guess this is not just me, but my fellow frens who is currently in the final year. Every year, our university will invite some companies to our uni to provide some talks to students to provide them some idea about what they might be looking for and what they should look for after graduation. Currently, there are companies having walk-in interview session in our uni and those who are interested can just drop by with their resume and try their luck. Besides that, this coming April, Student Affairs and Sports Division of MMU will also organise a Career Fair and invite several companies to conduct their walk-in interview here in our university, so my fellow frens, if you plan to get a headstart over others, this is the time for you to do so, get urself ready and talk the opportunity with it comes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What A Weekend

Even though CNY break has ended but im still stucked at CNY mood, where i promise myself to start doing my stuffs when back from hometown but still spending time playing here and there esp spending time every nite playing cards. So this is the weekend before Chap Goh Mei and guess what, we "worked" our hands and brains from nite until early in the morning, even more hardworking that i was doing my ITP.
During those hours, we can really play hard until all new kinds of card games were created. Oh my gosh, this gonna kill... HELP!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

During the Nite

Nite view of the 'temple'
Every year, for CNY, i'll spend few days in Melaka as my grandma is here and other uncles and my family will be here also. So I was able to take few days to go back with them this time and visited some relatives in KL. Every year the celebration is the same, where we had reunion dinner on the 30th nite (Lunar Calendar) then on the first day and second day of CNY, we will visit the temple and also relatives in Melaka.

This time when i went back to my home in Shah Alam, the Buddist Temple near my house hang with lots of lantern for this celebration, so I took this opportunity during the nite to shoot some photographs when all the lanterns are lit up.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

MotoGP - Sepang Test

It's new year and many are posting their CNY photos but mine, are still in the CF cards as i forgot to bring my card reader back to my home so gotta post something else. Previously i went to Sepang for MotoGP test session and posted few photos here and as promised, now im going to post the other few names i mentioned which are Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa, Vermeulen and Melandri. All the photos can be used as wallpaper except Melandri's as the ratio is not 4:3. Enjoy!!

Stoner in garage discussing the problems with mechanics

Rossi back to the pit lane

Australian Chris Vermeulen

Marco Melandri having a posing session with his bike

Dani Pedrosa on the wheels of his Repsol Honda

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

UNITEN gets RM 4.8Mil

Uniten gets RM4.8m for research projects
KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) has been awarded a RM4.8mil grant by the Higher Education Ministry to undertake research projects on energy and water.
Its public affairs department director Datin Noor Zarina Musa said in the area of renewable energy, Uniten was awarded RM3.8mil to do research on energy from landfills in Malaysia. – Bernama

Uniten gets such a big fund from the government to do research on energy and water, y our university didnt come up with some special research that can benefits the country and get funds from gov for it?? I guess our uni is also capable of doing some research which is special and benefits not jsut local people but also others around the world

Sunday, February 3, 2008


as i was reading through local news online, i came across with this news:

Caught red-handed trying to bribe
KOTA KINABALU: Graft busters caught a woman red-handed as she tried to bribe an enforcement officer during a raid against a major pirated DVD supplier in the city.
Sabah Anti-Corruption Agency personnel, who conducted a joint operation with Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs enforcement team from Putrajaya, caught the woman as she allegedly offered RM8,000 to an officer to call off the raid.

Four other workers in three premises under the same operator were also arrested during a raid at an undisclosed shopping complex here at around 5.30pm on Friday. Sabah ACA director Latifa Md Yatim Abdullah said that the team also seized about 20,000 DVDs valued around RM215,530 as well as numerous suspected imitation game stations and other computer related items during the raid.

The woman is expected to face charges under Section 11B of the Anti-Corruption Act, as well as other charges under the Copyright Act and Trade Descriptions Act.

If found guilty of trying to bribe a government officer, a person is liable to a maximum of 14 years imprisonment and a fine of five times the amount offered as bribe.

When they successfully caught someone trying to bribe them, they published like its something so special, but im sure many still taking bribes out there. The worst thing i could say is the badge those officers have on their chest, "Saya Tidak Menerima Rasuah", its such as shame in my opinion.