Tuesday, October 30, 2007

5 Things About Me

Received a tag from aleng so here i go....

5 things found in my room:~
since now at home town which is in Shah Alam so i just write this...
1. A single bed with bed-sheet on it, haha
2. A chest drawer
3. A nice wardrobe
4. Posters here and there
5. A mirror hanging on the wall

5 things i've always wanted to do:~
1. To be with the love of my life
2. Travel around the world without any worries
3. Rest, sleep..rest, sleep
4. Eat the best food in the world
5. Watch movie for the whole day

5 things found in my bag:~
1. My file
2. Log book
3. Calculator
4. Pencil case
5. Water bottle

5 things found in my wallet:~
1. Money (this is why we bring wallet/purse with us rite?)
2. My identification card
3. My student card (to get special rates, hehe)
4. Driving license
5. ATM card

5 things that i'm currently into:~
1. Training at Micro Ocean Technologies for 5 days/week for 12 weeks
2. Download series (eng and cantonese)
3. Learning JSP to create a web
4. Play games
5. Blogging

5 person that i want to tag:~
1. Kim Fei
2. Kah Chai
3. Anyone?? cant think of it..argh!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


By looking at this title, there might be all kinds of answers coming through ur mind.. U might think that it is a tool to cut things, what u SAW that day and so on. For movie lovers especially horror film lovers, this might be a nice and wonderful movie. The forth sequel to this movie has been released on 26th Oct 2007 and all this while, SAW series received wonderful review from movie goers.

SAW logo
The main plot of this film series revolves around the Jigsaw Killer, a dying vigilante who kidnaps victims and places them in deadly traps to test them and see if they are deserving of the life they have abused. The victims, almost always taken because they have taken their lives for granted (lying, conning, drug-dealing, etc.), are usually linked to each other in one way or another. The films tend to conclude with a twist-ending that wraps things up, but also creates more questions to be answered in the following film.
SAW movie poster from left: SAW, SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV
To those who love movies, this is a much watch movie as the story is really good and also how it develop. The writer really 'crazy' to think all those kinds of traps to test the victims. After watching the show, u wont take ur life for granted and i believe u will start to love yourself more. Though its a horror movie but the lesson that lies behind really is a good lesson and FYI, the SAW series is actually created by James Wan and Leigh Whannel where James Wan was born in Kuching, Malaysia but has been staying in Australia since he was a kid. He also directed Dead Silence and Death Sentence. So to my friends who yet to watch this show, find a chance and watch it and i believe u will love it.
p/s: all photo courtesy of wikipedia

Latest Update on Next Season's MotoGP line up

As this season's MotoGP comes to end where Stoner has alredi took his championship quite sometime ago and Ducati won the constructor's therefore, nothing much to follow but the last race would see whether Stoner can win his 11th race win of the season and make him on the records rank 2nd most win in a season tie with Rossi. The record is being hold by Mick Doohan as he won 12 races in a season which is really impressive.

Therefore, we now look forward to next year and of course the things that can be confirmed so soon is the line-up for next year and we could see some interesting line-up. Til this thursday, several teams have confirmed their line-up and below are the riders line-up with the no. inside the bracket indicates the no. of wins in 500cc/MotoGP. Of the existing field, only Team Roberts is still to announce its 2008 plans. Three riders will graduate from 250cc to MotoGP next year, and one from WSBK, while those either leaving the class or yet to confirm their future plans are: Alex Barros, Carlos Checa, Makoto Tamada, plus Kenny and Kurtis Roberts.

Ducati Malboro:
- Casey Stoner (10)
- Marco Melandri (5)

Fiat Yamaha:
- Valentino Rossi (62)
- Jorge Lorenzo (Rookie)

Repsol Honda:
- Nicky Hayden (3)
- Dani Pedrosa (3)

Rizla Suzuki:
- Loris Capirossi (9)
- Chris Vermeulen (1)

Kawasaki Racing:
- Anthony West (0)
- John Hopkins (0)

Yamaha Tech3:
- Colin Edwards (0)
- James Toseland (Rookie)

Honda Gresini:
- Shinya Nakano (0)
- Alex de Angelis (Rookie)

Pramac d'Antin:
- Toni Elias (1)
- Sylvain Guintoli (0)

Honda LCR:
- Randy de Puniet (0)

JiR/Team Scot:
- Andrea Dovizioso (Rookie)

(Yet to confirm)
Team Roberts:
- Kurtis Roberts (0)
- Kenny Roberts (8)
courtesy of www.crash.net

So Ducati Malboro seems to be strong as they have Stoner and Marco as their rider while we would like to see Yamaha improves and provide a bike for Rossi and Current 250cc world champion Lorenzo to fight for the title. Repsol could also be fighting for the title esp for Dani as this year he shows that he can be very quick if not due to the tyres and also the bike.

Friday, October 26, 2007

1st Week Ended

Today, Friday which means that i've finished a week of my industrial training and there will be another 11 weeks more to go...... Last weekend i still thought that i might have trouble adapting myself to the company but after few days there, things got along very well and i get to know my colleagues better and we always talk about topics which is not just related bout the things i needed to do but also some other topics like football, computer and etc which really makes me feel good.

After this first week has ended, to me it seems to be abit busy as the task assigned to me needs to be settled in a short period of time. At the mean time the thing that makes me headache would be learning how to write codes using JSP (JavaServer Pages). I need to develop a user interface using that and besides that, i need to make it to load some database from a server and vice versa. Its quite a task as i do not have very strong programming background and the worst part is that the very last time i did my programming would be few years back so its a bit tough but at least one thing, i get to learn new things. Til now i have 2 more weeks for me to settle it and i hope that it can be done asap and much before the date line.

After that, my long term task would be to get contacts for the company for their network expansion. We need to get total of 5000 contacts by end of the year and after first week, we found about 500 contacts which i think is quite ok the result but as we go on, the least number of contacts that we will be able to get so hopefully we able to reach the target and most importantly i can find the suitable contacts for them.

Tmr and day after which is sat and sun would be a short break for me to charge myself and prepare myself for next week's task. Besides recharging myself, it is also a time for me to spend some precious time with my gf as we hardly seen each other for the past week as i was off to office around 8 in the morning and reach home just in time for dinner.

I found that, when we are at work, we will need to readjust our life as during the weekdays, we do not have much time for most of the things and luckily i do not need to work on sat so i can have more time compared to my frens which they need to work 5 1/2 days. That's y those that has graduated always advise us to enjoy the time when we are still studying as that's the best time we can have and at the mean time i think im totally agree with that.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here Comes The Best Part

1st day: Run through the bulk sms system and provide feedback
2nd day: Hand in report of the feedback and continue with assigned project which is to search for contacts
3rd day: Started with searching contacts then here comes the best part......

Had a meeting with supervisor today and went through the feedback that i sent in the previous day. After discussing the solution to the problems faced, we proceed to the discussion of next assignment which is to design a user interface (UI) for one of the system that we are using. The best part is that i need to learn new programming language which is JSP which stands for Java Server Pages. I was given a 2 weeks time line to learn and design it. It's kinda nice to learn new stuff and hope that i can get it work out and make one hell of a good UI here..haha..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Day

Yesterday was the first day of my Industrial Training at Desa Sri Hartamas in a company named Micro Ocean Technologies Sdn Bhd. About a week ago, I did came over and look for the company so at least i know where is it located. So yesterday, as i would have expect, surely the traffic would be very heavy so decided to leave the house around 7am though my reporting time is 9am. So without any surprise, it took me about 2 hours to reach the office as i avoid passing tol and took those heavy traffic roads. So i reached around 8.45am which is almost 2hours after i left my place. With such time, i can reach Melaka already!!!! Besides the jam, the worst part would be my left leg where i need to step on the clutch and its so stressful and tiring.

When i arrived there, it seems that i'm the first to reach, yeah!! After waited for about 10 minutes, the workers arrived at the office and i went it but not sure of what i need to do so just sit at my desk which has been assigned to me with a computer for my usage. Later when the person-in-charge arrived, he briefed me and the other trainee about their company and then assigned us each to our own supervisor. Then after that i start with the task that has been assigned by the supervisor.

So you might have thought that what happened this morning is the worst thing to happen but you are wrong, the worst part would be return home after work. I left the office around 6.15pm where my working hours for each day is from 9am til 6pm. Then the worst thing starts to happen. The traffic was so heavy from the NKVE highway all the way until Kelana Jaya's Giant. Wow!!! If you know the road there, you can understand how far is that and how terrible could have been. It's so stressful to drive under such conditions and it made it even worst for me as i was so tired and headache due to less sleeping hours the night before. How lucky i was thinking for those of my friends who only need to travel a short distance from the place they staying to the office.

Guess what, it took me 2 hours to reach home and the whole day its like spending 4 hours just for travelling, oh my god!!!!! Luckily, from 2nd day onwards, i can just car pool with another college which stays just near to my place, so nice rite??? and the best part is that he takes the highway and i do not need to wake up so early anymore, yeah!!! Guess how long for me to reach the office this morning?? only 35 minutes!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

MotoGP - Race Day (21/10/07)

Its the race day!! 21st of October 2007, 3pm, MotoGP race begins....

Its been a hectic day for me today so not much to say but wanna show some pics that i took during today's race and hope you all enjoy it.

Rossi leaving garage

Rossi at the grid before race starts

Rossi at grid adjusting his helmet

Rossi doing his warm up lap

Pedrosa chasing Stoner

Dani just behind Stoner during the early stages of the race

Elias being chased by The Kentucky Kid

Suzuki riders battling out

Saturday, October 20, 2007

MotoGP - Sepang (20/10/07)

MotoGP has arrived at Malaysia and this time Sepang is the penultimate track for this season. Though the title has been taken by Casey Stoner 2 races before this race, many still turn up for this race. In order to attract more ppl to this race, the organiser organised an autograph session with all MotoGP rider on the 2nd day which is 20/10/07 (sat).

The queue waiting for the riders to arrive

This morning, i went with few of my uncles and reached there around 10.30am and when we reached there, many people is already queing for the autograph session which only starts at 12 noon. The autograph session is seperated into 2, each 15 mins and different riders will be there at each session. The first session consisted of crowd favourite, Valentino Rossi, while the 2nd session we have Casey Stoner, the new world champion. I was unable to get myself into the 1st session but luckily able to get into the 2nd session with 2 of my uncles. Each session they only allow 100 people and you can't choose the rider that you want to take the autograph as they will assign you to the respective rider.

Valentino Rossi during autograph session, my fav rider but unfortunately unable to get his autograph

Nicky Hayden leaving the welcoming area after his autograph session

Loris Capirossi posing with a fan of his

Riders during the 2nd session of the autograph

Dani Pedrosa and Carlos Checa signing autograph for fans

Dani Pedrosa during autograph session

Me and Carlas Checa during autograph session

Pit pass autographed by Checa (left) and Stoner (right)

Poster signed by Casey Stoner

So i got an autograph by Carlos Checa on my pit pass and also a photo with him. My uncle was lucky as he got his pit pass signed by Stoner as well as Stoner's poster. I should have passed him my Australia cap to get the Stoner's signature. Then after that we went and look for some merchandise around that area which is very common during this type of event as each rider's supporters will surely get on hands with those merchandise as it is quite hard to get it elsewhere.

Valentino Rossi prepares for his fast lap

Nicky Hayden during qualifying

Chris Vermeulen during qualifying (the shot that i like the most, very lucky to get such a nice shot)

Dani Pedrosa looking back to see which rider is behind him

Casey Stoner checking out his rear tyre

Checa and Nakano practice their race start after the end of qualifying

John Hopkins doing a wheelie

Lorenzo (250cc) leaving pits for his qualifying session

Then we waited til around 2pm for the MotoGP qualifying session to start. I was able to take some pictures of those riders and what i can say is that, i spent most of the Qualifying taking photos with both my Fujifilm F650 and Sony DSC-W1. Though we have a pit pass which allows us to visit the pit area but the scheduled time is around 4.15PM which is quite late and another long wait before that time so we decided that we gave that up and left.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Football Manager 2008

To all football manager freaks out there, the new FM08 full version is out and get ur copy fast!!and i believe that most of u noe where to get it. If u have trouble with the security (secureROM) which embedded in the game, u can dl this and it works. i'll come back with some screen shots of my game, just started and found that alot has changed and still working on my team. Currently im using Man Utd and has yet to play a match. Thanks to those that made this a success!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dunno What To Write...???

What should i write?? ITP?? Found the company and also got the necessary details that i need, so not much to talk about it until start of training which is next week. Somemore what should i write?? How bout taking some rather old stuff and write?? no bad huh??

Last weekend, where we have quite a long break due to Hari Raya celebration in Malaysia, i decided to help my parents to wash the cars that we have. So, its time for me to try using the new car care set and see how good it is. The car care set is from Sonax which i got it as a prize from McLaren Mercedes F1 Team for participating in one of the contest organised by them. Its quite long ago that i won it, around the month of July.

Sonax car care set from McLaren Mercedes F1 Team

They sent to me via DHL and the whole gift set is really nice and wonderful to have. There are 3 bottle of things in the set which are, Car Shampoo, Car Wax and a Rim Cleaner. So that day, i took them out and wanna try it on the cars. First of all, sure la wash the car but there is a problem, all the labels are in German and i do not understand anything at all so try guessing what i did?? I went to search for it in their website and found the english label which allowed me to know how to use it to obtain perfect results.

From left: Car shampoo (2 in 1), Rim Cleaner, Wax - all are Sonax Xtreme series which i think its the best from Sonax.

Then started with the shampoo and to wash the cars at home, i used about 2 hours in total just washing them. Then thought of wanna try the Rim Cleaner but the weather seems to be dark and the raining feel is swarming over the area so decided that just wash the car will do. Polishing the car seems to be even impossible due to the dark skies. After washing the car do seems more shinny and better looking so next time gonna try the wax and see.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Formula 1 Title Showdown

Photo courtesy of www.f1-live.com

To all Formula 1 (F1) fans, im sure that the coming race in Brazil on 21st Oct 2007, is a race that will not be missed and at the moment 3 drivers have the chance to be the world champion. The current leader is this year's rookie, Lewis Hamilton, currently on aged 22 and if he wins the title, he will be the first person being a rookie to win it. At 2nd in the drivers' championship is Lewis team mate, Fernando Alonso, 2 times world champion and current only 4 points behind his rookie team mate. Another potential champion is the popular Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari and his is another 3 points behind Alonso.

Below is the analysis on how each have the chance to be the world title:

How Alonso can become Champion
~ Should Alonso win the race, he would need for Hamilton to be on the bottom step of the podium or lower to take the title.
~ If Alonso is in second position after the 71 laps, Hamilton would have to be in sixth position or lower.
~ If Alonso takes third, he would need to Hamilton to only secure one point and for Raikkonen not to win.
~ If Alonso is fourth, Hamilton would have to not score any points, with Raikkonen also not on the top two steps of the podium.

How Hamilton can become Champion
~ Hamilton takes either of the top two steps on the Interlagos podium, no matter where Alonso and Raikkonen finish.
~ If Alonso wins the race, Hamilton has to take second place behind his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team-mate.
~ If Alonso comes second, Hamilton would need to take the chequered flag in third or fourth position.
~ If Hamilton is in fifth position, he would need Alonso not to win (because even if Alonso is second, Hamilton will still be champion due to best number of fifth positions,) It does not matter where Raikkonen ends the race.
~ If Hamilton finishes sixth or seventh, he would need for Alonso to finish out of the top two and for Raikkonen not to win.
~ If Hamilton finishes in the final points paying position of eighth, the only way he can take the title is for Alonso to finish out of the top three and for Raikkonen to finish out of the top two.
~ Should Hamilton retire from the race or score no points, then he would need for Alonso to finish in fifth or below and for Raikkonen to be in third or below.

How Raikkonen can become Champion
~ Raikkonen would need to win the race, with Alonso and Hamilton finishing out of the top two and five respectively.
~ If Raikkonen takes second position, then he would need Hamilton to only take one point and for Alonso to be out of the top three.
analysis taken from www.f1-live.com

So as we can see, Hamilton chances of getting the title is much higher compared to the other two but anything can happen just like the previous race in Shanghai, China where Hamilton slipped up in points and allow both Alonso and Kimi still in contention. For me my money is on Hamilton to win the driver's title though i prefer Kimi to win it but it is quite hard for him unless both the Mclarens have a terrible race. So who do you think will win the title?? Post your comment.

Swatch Titlis

Swatch Titlis, a swiss made watch by swatch which can only be purchased at Mount. Titlis in Switzerland. This watch cannot be found at any other place than at the peak of the mountain which is located 10000 feet above the ground. I got this watch as a souvenir from my uncle as he and my grandparents went to Europe for holidays few weeks back.
The outer box
The first picture is the outer box of the watch. It printed the Mount Titlis scenery and also the word 10000 feet there. This is to show that its located at such high altitude and though its quite plain but they did it well i thought.

The Swatch Titlis
The is how they packed the watch. As you can see normal swatch box and the watch inside. The watch strap design is almost the same as the outer box of the watch which is blue and white together with the words like mount titlis and 10000 feet.

The lower strap of the watch
As describe previously, the Mount. Titlis word and also the 10000 feet word is printed on it. This is really a special watch as its quite hard to get unless you get to that place. Besides that, together with the watch, there is a certificate to show that it is purchased there. This watch cost 90 swiss franc which is approx. RM 270 here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Man Utd Jersey Collection

"He dribbles passed the defender and now he is one-on-one with the keeper.....and he chips the ball...l..l..., GOAL!!!!! What a goal!!!"

This is what u hear when a player scored a wonderful goal..u might think that im gonna talk about football but nope, today i wanna "showoff" some of my jerseys which i have been collecting since the year Man Utd won the ever marvellous treble (EPL, FA Cup, CL) in the year 1999.

Man Utd home 1996/1998

My first jersey is the home jersey used in the season 1996 until 1998. This jersey is actually i won from a bet with my uncle where we bet whether MU will win treble anot and they didnt disappoint me and won the treble and i got my first jersey.

Man Utd home 1998/2000

The second jersey added to my collection is the 1998/2000 home jersey which is a gift from my uncle when he came back from overseas. This jersey is nice to wear as it is not that hot wearing it unlike the first jersey i had.

Man Utd home 2000/2001

The next jersey would be the the home jersey worn by the Man Utd players in 2000/2001. This 1 is bought during a sale from Studio R and got a 10% discount. Seldom wear it as i think its not that comfortable or mayb i found it a bit weird, dunno how to discribe it, haha.

Man Utd home 2002/2004

Next in line is the 2002/2004 Man Utd home jersey which is also the first Man Utd jersey under Nike compared to the previous which is Umbro. This 1 i got it from the Man Utd shop in KLCC just before they closed down and got it quite cheap at around RM80 if im not mistaken. Quite like it as its nice to wear and its NIKE though i think its over-rated.

Man Utd away 2002/2003

Up next is the away jersey of 2002/2003 Man Utd. First time, i have an away jersey coz i felt that this is quite nice and its WHITE which i like it alot. Got a 30% discount when purchased this and til now still like it alot.

Man Utd home 2004/2006

After so many jerseys and im getting more and more addicted to it though its quite pricey but supporting the team i like its worth it. The next in my MU jersey collection is the 2004/2006 home jersey. My fren helped me to bought it from UK and got it quite early compared to getting it from Malaysia.

Man Utd away 2006/2007

Then after that i went and get the so called limited edition 2006/2007 away kit and being a tribute to the success of the Busby Babes and their enduring influence. The material is very nice to wear though it is made in indonesia but its so cooling when its covering ur body.

Current man utd away jersey

The latest addition to my collection is the current away jersey which is black in colour. Its really nice and of course nice to wear but i still think that last season's is much better. Gonna put name and number for this and surely it will be RONALDO!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clash of the Times

Since its quite sometime since i last updated my blog, today i decided to continue back with "Clash of the Times". Most of you will surely wonder what is that? is is a war?? or is it some big match in sports?? think no further, its a exhibition match between Roger Federer, the current world no.1 in tennis versus the previous world no.1 and with the record of 14 grand slam titles, Pete Sampras.

Why is it called the Clash of the Times?? This is bcoz both are the greats during their time where Federer aka FedEx is the best player in his time and Pete is the greatest player in his time too and having such a match is really a wonderful thing that can't be missed by all tennis fan.

The match will be held in Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam on 22nd November 2007 which is about 1 month plus from the time I write this post and the tickets is claimed to be sold for about 95% and only those cheap one left for grab. The tickets are priced at RM 83, RM 253, RM 353, RM 388 and RM 443. Coz its quite pricey and I cant really afford the second cheapest so got to contain with RM 83 ticket.

The above is the ticket for the match which i scanned and put it here and it is printed on the spot when u purchase the ticket at the outlets such as Rock Corner where this ticket is purchased.

Besides this match, there is also another interesting match between the current world no. 2, Rafael Nadal against Richard Gasquet of France. The pricing is also similar so cant really attend both matches eventhough it would be great and a hard get opportunity for them to be playing in Malaysia.

For those who wanna get more information can logon to http://www.ticketpro.com.my/ to check out the details of the seatings and also other events under them. Tickets can also be purchased at their website. Let's hope that the game will be a great one and worth the price of the ticket!! Stay tuned for more updates!!