Tuesday, August 7, 2007


August 3-5 2007, this is when i first enter a PC Fair as a worker rather than a visitor. For the past PC Fair, i was unable to work there due to hectic schedule but being in the final year of my studies, we have more time for ourselves especially for our FYP thus i can take some time out to work in the PC Fair. Another thing is that it happens to fall on the weekend before our mid-trimester break, what a coincidence.

Friday as usual, not many visitor as many needs to go to work therefore, things seems to be slow. During lunch time, traffic started to increase as many take this opportunity to check out the latest offerings for this fair. As expected, not much sales compared to weekend but for ours, we were glad that many came to purchase from us. Then things started to slow back til dinner time where those office workers started to storm the KL Convention Center. Many came with their colleagues and some came alone just to survey the price for weekend's rush. At 9pm, the closing time for the fair, we closed the booth and left the area for dinner. This is a brand new experience for me as for the first time i get to feel how busy it can be where we do not even have time for other things beside selling products to the customers.

For the second day, which is 1st day of the weekend, Saturday, as usual reached there around 10.15am and entered the hall to arrange new stock. Warning given by my buddy that today will be a freaking busy day so have to accept that there will be no time to relax and have a nice meal throughout the day. Sure enough, once the clock strikes 11am, all the visitor rushed in and from there on, there is no stopping for all of us. The whole day just keep talking and talking to push the products and get sales done. Just like y'day, when 9pm we just left there for dinner. I was so busy that day that i only had a bun the throughout the day.

The final day and this will be the worst day among the 3 as many Malaysians like to rush during last minute and they thought that things will be cheaper on the last day as all vendors tends to sell off their products and bring less products back to their shop. Therefore, the traffic was so heavy in the hall and we didn't even have time to breathe. Just like the day before, i only had a bun for my meal. At around 8pm, we all started to pack our products unlike others which still hard selling their product. When everything is done, its around 10+ when we left the hall back to the shop and then unload all the stock before going for dinner.

For me this is a great experience and i felt that it is not that hard after all and i believe that organising an event is even tougher than this esp. during the workshop prior to the actual date of event, as i felt more tired than working in PC Fair.