Friday, December 28, 2007


Its been 4 days since my last update as this few nights were so busy. This evening, together with my family, we went to Sunway for dinner at a restaurant that serve buffet steamboat. Its quite famous here so i guess many of u noe which one. What i wanna touch is not bout the food that are being served but the attitude of those ppl eating there.

Besides those dishes that u can put inside ur steamboat pot, there are also some other dishes which u can eat straight away like fried rice, fried noodles, fruits, 'kuih' and so on. Then this restaurant is famous for their chicken wings. So its kinda like HOT item there. When we reached that time, the previous serve has been all taken up so we gotta wait til the waiter serve the chicken wings again to get a hand to try it. While we were waiting, we took those prawns, vege and blah blah then i saw few ppl waiting around the table there so i guessed they surely waiting for the chicken wing. Then few minutes later, once the chicken wings are served at the serving table, few more rushed there and so do i. Guess what happen.....

A guy took two big plates, then using one to collect, the other plate he use it to sweep the chicken wing into another plate....he took more than half of the chicken wings that are being served and guess how many i got???? just 2 pcs.. which consider a bonus..haha... Less than 1/2 a minute the dish is being served its been cleaned up.

Then about half an hour later, the waiter serve another round again, this time many rush there again and so did my parents as i was busy with other stuffs. This time they are lucky to get few back better than what i got... Then another 30 mins later this dish is served again and around 30 sec the chicken wings have been taken up..

From this we can see that human are really so selfish that they took so much without thinking whether other ppl need to eat it. Esp the guy that used 2 plates to take, i think its a shame to do so. Everytime the waiter serve it, its really funny to see those ppl rush there just to get one or two chicken wings and for about 30 sec, the whole dish is clean...

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Weekend Before Christmas

Today is the day before x'mas and its 15 minutes before 9am so i decided to take this 15minutes before i leave the house for work to update my blog. Yday which is the last Sunday before the Christmas, together with my mom and sis, we went to pyramid just because i have a RM10 voucher from parkson and needs to use it by 23rd Dec so we decided to use it a Parkson Pyramid.
Because of some housework, we left home quite late and i guess all shld noe that when the time is after 12noon, its really hard to get a car park in Pyramid, 1U and Mid Valley. We knew that but as we need to settle all the housework before going, we actually left the home around 12 plus and we yet to have our lunch. So when we reached there, its around 1.20PM (stated at the ticket). Then we were having trouble looking for a space so do those cars in front of us. After circling the whole area for about 10 minutes, we were so lucky that there is a car park, yeah!!
So u can see that it is flooded with people inside the shopping complex. I think most of them came to do last minute shopping before the christmas and also getting some other stuffs as there are sales now until 1st Jan 08. So basically, going shopping with my mom and sis is kinda boring stuff for me as they only look for their things which im not interested in. Therefore, after following awhile, we went seperated ways and i looked for the stuffs that i wanted to look at.
Before talking about some of stuffs that i had checked out yday, the first thing to talk about shld b the deco of the mall for x'mas. At the new wing, in the center court (i think that's what it is called), they actually deco it with those snow house where they selling lots of things inside. Many ppl went over and get stuffs there and also took pictures as it really nice but i think there are other shopping complexes that have better deco. Then there is a mini railway where children can take a ride on the mini train there. Around the area, all the pillars are decorated to provide the x'mas feel. As for old wing, there was an event organised by dunno who conjunction with x'mas so basically a small and simple deco which also related to the celebration. But then eventhough with those deco, i also hardly feel the x'mas celebration is just around the corner mayb due to the fact that the weather is too freaking hot yday.
Then as i moved on, i've checked out Al-ikhsan and saw a new Man Utd t-shirt which is quite nice so does the price and there isnt any discount for it and it cost RM85 as usual for those club t-shirt. To me RM85 getting a t-shirt isnt really worth it and it is made in malaysia which compared to those Nike manufactured in foreign country the quality is abit poor. Eventhough the artwork and design its really nice and i like it very much but due to the price, i decided not to take it and wait til the price goes down. Then the next thing i went to check out was camera as im looking to get a DSLR. Went to check out few camera shops around in Pyramid, the cheapest quotation i could get was from Fotokem but still im looking for several options so might survey some other shops and do some comparison.
It's now 9am and i gotta leave lo..there are some pics i took using my h/p cam regarding the deco at the center court.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a Morning...

18th December 2007, Tuesday.. This is the day where epsilon engineering students need to register their course for next trimester. Since i need to come in office at 9am and the registration time starts at 9am so i asked my colleague to pick me earlier so we could reach the office earlier.

As promised, he reached my place quite early which is bout 10mins earlier than usual so i thought sure we will reach early. Then, just as we joined the KESAS highway, oh my, the traffic was so heavy that cars hardly moving. Guess what, those highway maintenance team didnt open the side word to divert those vehicles going to KL, Subang. Therefore, all the vehicles gotta stuck there for about 15 minutes. So my planned seems to be ruined. So immediately i inform my darling bout the situation and she can prepare herself to help me do my registration.

So as predicted, i reached office 5 minutes past 9am where the registration has started. So for those of you who do not know, we, MMU students like to rush to register our subjects with the timetable which suites our own time such as avoiding early morning classes, no friday classes and so on. That's y our registration is so jammed up.

Though im late, but my darling still having trouble login to the system and i tried it too. Even though able to open the login page sure enough it will not able to proceed more than that point. So then we keep on trying and surprisingly where i cant get myself login to the system, my darling helped me registered both of the subjects for next alot to my darling..then we also need to help a housemate to register and this time she also able to login and registered both the, melaka line better huh..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lecturer's Visit

It's been few days back since i last update here, so since im abit free at the moment, i do a quick drop-by here to update. This late morning, the lecture in charge came over to make a visit for the Industrial Training Program. He is a lecturer from FOE in Cyberjaya. Since he is a foreign lecturer and doesnt really know where the company im attached is located, he called over and ask for directions then he stopped in Sri Hartamas rather than Desa Sri Hartamas as its quite confusing here.

Then my supervisor took me to the place where he stopped and guided him to our office. He made a half an hour visit here interviewing the person in-charge in this company regarding trainees' performance throughout the 8 weeks. Then after he is done interviewing him, its time that he interview the trainees. Im the first to go in so he asked about the things that i've been doing all these while then how is it going on. The interview is more like a feedback that he needs from us regarding the company whether is it suitable for students to be sent over for their internship.

So after he is done with all the questions, then he proceed with another trainee which i think also the same sets of questions. Basically its kinda rush visit as he just get those verbal answers and didnt check on the things that we did previously. After he is done with the interview, he left for another stop which is in Sri Hartamas, the place where i met him to guide him over here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

After visiting kimfei's blog where he did this 'test' so i tried it out and below are my results:

You Are Prancer

You are the perfect reindeer, with perfect hooves and perfect flying form.

Why You're Naughty: Because you're Santa's pet, and you won't let anyone show you up.

Why You're Nice: You have the softest fur and the sweetest carrot breath.
Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

Erm, im not sure what is the criteria they put into consideration to get the above results so i hope this is me..haha..anyway too busy to update so this is just a short update for the time being!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My CaPs CoLLeCTioN: BMW Sauber Robert Kubica Cap

The second cap that i would like to share in my collection is the BMW Sauber F1 Team cap. Or in more accurate, their driver Robert Kubica's cap. This cap is for the year 2007 which the design of the cap is abit different from previous year. I got this during the F1 Malaysian GP round in Sepang. I felt that the design is great as at the front u'll have the BMW Sauber F1 Team word and also the BMW logo. Then there is a red n white stripe which makes it looks more attractive. Then at the peak of the cap, its the signature of Kubica embroided on it. Then at the left and right sides are the sponsors' badge. Then at the back of the is the initial of Kubica and also another team sponsor's logo which is Credit Suisse.
I like this cap alot as its quite comfortable to wear and its not too deep nor shallow. Besides that, its quite proud having this cap as this year they did quite well in the championship and finished as the 3rd team or should say the 2nd team after Mclaren has been DQ. As for the price of this cap, erm..its quite expensive, at RM 140 but this is quite a standard price for F1 merchandise.