Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movie Carnival 2007

Movie Carnival its back and this time its bigger and better as claimed by the organiser. I didn't noe bout it until i received an email from GSC that there are free gifts for redemption by printing a cutout and present it to the counter. Since I've yet to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End so decided to make it today and also to claim the free gift at 1 Utama (new wing).

Reached there around 9.45am and when reached the oval area, many people has been queuing and immediately, without any delay me and my gf quickly jumped to the end of the queue and wait for the person in charge to arrive. We waited for around 15 minutes and people are coming in as well as the organisers. There will only be 30 gifts to be given out each day and today they are giving out t-shirt of the movie Man in White (鬼啊,鬼啊). We were quite lucky still able to get the gift. Besides that queue, there was another queue where people trying to get the goodies for the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer which was sponsored by Anglia Shandy. So many people queued and unfortunately, i do not have any cut out for that so unable to join the queue.

Because i've yet to book or purchase the tickets for later show, so we quickly went to the cinema counter and get our tickets before its too late. It is quite expensive since this movie is one of the blockbuster movie in this summer and it cost us each RM11. After done with the ticket, we went back to the Movie Carnival area and have a look and also took some pictures. It showcased some of the up coming movies such as The Simpsons, Transformer, Fantastic Four and many more big show. Besides that, the organiser also take this opportunity to promote local films and also films across this region.

People queue to get the free gifts given out

The 'Silver Surfer' and Homer!!

Me and the Simpsons family

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Digital Audio Format for Handphone

Now a days when you have a phone which can works like a MP3 player, the thing that you want to have in it is songs and mostly people will put in the songs under MP3 file (eg: .mp3). I used to put that type of audio files into my 256MB card but only able to fit in around 30+ songs depends on the quality of the encoded song.
So, while I was having a break from my exam revision, I found something which i think useful for those who wants to fit in more audio files with less space. Introducing AAC HEv2 codec encoding or known as eAAC+. With this encoding, you convert your other audio file to something.m4a which now a days most handphones and portable audio devices support it. I found out that the size of a song from the initial 6MB(mp3 file encoded using MP3 LAME-one of the best quality) to around 2MB only!!
Many sure things that the quality will be very poor as the file size is so small but surprisingly the quality is almost as good as CD quality which hardly able to differentiated between the file before encoded. Maybe my earphones(HPM-70) is not the best in the market but seriously to those who wants to fit lots of songs into your audio device, this is quite a good choice.