Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thomas and Uber Cup update

The Malaysian Uber cup team's journey has come to an end this evening as they lost to Korea 3-1. Only Wong Mew Choo able to win in the tie and now Malaysia hope is all on the Thomas Cup team which will be facing China on Friday afternoon at 1PM. It will be a tough encounter for Malaysia team but with high confidence, they should be able to do the upset. I guess it will be a tight encounter where the result should be at 3-2 and will depends on the last single to decide the match.

Besides today's Malaysia action, China's Uber cup team almost got shocked by Netherlands where China lost 2 of their 3 singles match but able to gain ground on through their doubles and advanced with 3-2 score line.

In Thomas Cup, Korea who opted to face some easy route before reaching the Final almost hit the nail as they won by 3-2 over Denmark where they lost their first singles and first doubles but able to win the last 3 encounters to advance to Semi against Indonesia who have an easy game over England.

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Soleh said...

Yeah, nowadays, every nation are striving for winning in the Thomas Cup. Hopefully our team, Malaysia will get their chance to take back the Thomas Cup this season.

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